Yoga Therapy with Shanie has been such a blessing for me…

Yoga therapy with Shanie has been such a blessing for me. I had been experiencing pain in my knees and hips with chronic low energy for a long time. Shanie listened to me and created a program for me that I could easily continue with at home. The benefits have been above and beyond my expectations. One example is that I always thought I had good posture, but this was one of the areas Shanie helped me improve with multiple benefits in other areas including better balance.

There is a beautiful intuitiveness about Shanie and the healing atmosphere she creates is calm and joyful. All of the areas I was concerned about have improved significantly, and I am very grateful to have found a talented and knowledgeable therapist in Shanie!

Colleen Chapman

Finding myself moving forward in my healing journey, where before Shanie I was about to give up…

I have had the opportunity to work with Shanie Matthews in a one-on-one therapeutic yoga setting. I found my time with her very valuable. Due to autoimmune issues, I have high inflammation and muscle cramping that require me to adjust my lifestyle and approach to exercise. Frankly, my recent attempts to start an exercise program have been so frustrating, that I had considered giving up on fitness.

Shanie has helped me put together a program that works with my body issues. She has encouraged me towards specific exercises to reduce inflammation and to balance my energy.

Shanie has an incredible level of knowledge and is able to combine guidance on breathing, strengthening moves, relaxation poses and energizing. She is generous with her knowledge and quite capable of creating a program customized for my needs. Working in a one-on-one setting has helped me tremendously. I find myself moving forward in my healing journey through her teachings and yoga sequences.

If you are looking for therapeutic yoga or even just to get past one problematic body area, I highly recommend sessions with Shanie.

Pattie Dutra

Helped me find health in a time of needing to find deep healing…

Shanie brought her great gifts of intuition, wisdom, spirituality, expertise, love and compassion to all our yoga therapy sessions. She joyfully and willingly guided my personal practice for exactly what my body needed in 1:1 and group sessions and even made me personal audios and video to use in my daily practice. She came into my life at a time when I needed deep healing and was always there for me when I needed her. I am so grateful for all that she offered and would send anyone to her, for her love, passion and skill of yoga.

Shoshana Leah

A Yoga Teacher with Passion

Shanie has such a deep passion for Yoga and helping others that she helped me reach my goals that seemed impossible with other teachers. She was on highly knowledgable about my ailment and had a great bedside demeanor. We need more people like her in the world!

Kevin Arsenault

Shanie Exudes Yoga

I know many people who are going through yoga teacher training and are currently pursuing teaching yoga. Shanie Matthews isn’t just teaching yoga- she is living yoga. Shanie is genuine about her passion for teaching yoga and it exudes from her soul. Shanie has enhanced my practice through mindful instruction and intelligent body awareness. She has truly found her Happy Path and is generous in sharing it with others. I would highly recommend Shanie Matthews for yoga!


Changing my daily practice is changing my life…

Shanie’s online yoga studio has been an incredibly beneficial addition to my life. As someone who loves going to my studio, but cannot seem to fit their awkward class schedules into mine, I recently found myself out of practice when I needed it the most. Shanie’s classes are always exactly what I need (how does she do that?!) and are so different than typical video classes because I can always feel her presence there with me. You owe it to yourself to give these classes a try and seriously at only $11, how can you pass up the chance to feel this good??

Arbonne International

Shanie is one of the Best Yogi’s in our town!

Shanie is an amazing inspirational yoga teacher who brings big smiles, hugs, love and boundless amounts of energy to every class. Her instruction for form is outstanding and she guides her students easily. Her classes are both relaxing and energizing and always have a great flow. Knowing I will come out of Shanie’s class feeling energized, motivated and rejuvenated is the reason I love taking her yoga classes regularly. Thanks for all your guidance Shanie- You are one of the best!

Sinead Hastings

Loving Shanie’s calm energy and her Online Yoga Studio, My Happy Path!

I am absolutely loving doing yoga with Shanie on My Happy Path Online Yoga Studio. I love how I can work my yoga practice into MY schedule. Sometimes there are days I just don’t feel like going out to practice Yoga at the studio. I Love Shanie’s calm reassuring voice guiding my practice and my thoughts to create the best ME!

Caroline Ventola

Shanie is the best!

I may be biased, as she is my cousin, but Shanie is an amazingly generous, talented, insightful and inspiring person. If you have the opportunity to work with her you definitely should do so!

Mike Morscheck

Shanie is so warm and engaging!

From her smile, engaging hugs & laugh to her softened Gemini Personality…Shanie doesn’t just open up to you, she embraces all that you are! Love & Hugs sweet pea, your determination, softened edges & nurturing heart are worth every travel expense I put into cultivating my own practice & future. No holds barred 🙂

Leigh Spector


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