Rheumatoid Arthritis: Reducing the Effects

July 28, 2021

5 Holistic Ways to Deal with Rheumatoid Arthritis Flares

Shanie Matthews

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Holistic Ways to Deal with Rheumatoid Arthritis Flares
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Yoga may just be your new best friend if Rheumatoid Arthritis disrupts your life.

It can stop you dead in your tracks. The pain and debilitation that comes from Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) flares can send you to the ground in agony. The excruciating tightness that comes from the swelling associated with this disease is a leading cause of loss of mobility.

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If you are struggling with Rheumatoid Arthritis know that there are more positive steps that you can take for yourself other than just ingesting pharmaceutical drugs. Continue reading to learn exceptional holistic measures that you can take that will diminish your pain and help you live with less pain.

Holistic Tricks to Releasing Inflammation

  1. Using the healing capabilities of cold and hot is beneficial. The variation in healing capabilities that a cold and hot compress has is interesting. They both have remarkable benefits for reducing swelling and promoting circulation. But put these two together and they work almost like magic. By bringing the two together for healing you allow for a reduction in inflammation coupled with the flushing created with the heat. Try doing alternating sessions with ten to fifteen minutes of cold and then finishing with heat. There are various forms of heat you can use including heat packs, water bottles, gel packs, the shower and a hot tub.
  2. Using magnets for health. The use of magnets in healing has shown itself to be very effective. Magnets are believed to be beneficial because they create a natural movement of blood helping to increase circulation and reduce stagnation. Magnets are easy to use and very cost effective as magnets are very cheap. Check with your local health food store for more information and to purchase magnets in a variety of forms including bracelets, disks, pad or necklaces.
  3. Incorporating yoga and meditation into your life. Scientific studies have proven that the consistent usage of meditation and yoga has been beneficial in decreasing pain from RA. Multiple reasons have people believing this to be the case, including that it lowers stress, improves circulation, increases the body’s immunity and it improves sleep. Also, the breathing that is associated with both yoga and meditation are known to actually reverse the effects associated with hormones that are released when we are stressed or in pain.
  4. Enjoy the positive effects of acupuncture. Acupuncture has shown itself to be quite positive for RA sufferers. Acupuncture helps the body to release toxins and restore a natural balance to the body. It also is highly effective at removing stagnation and improving circulation.
  5. Give yourself the gift of massage. Massage may be one of the most healing and loving modalities you can give your body. Especially for those dealing with RA, massage can be both physically and emotional healing for the body, mind and soul. In addition, it is super for increasing circulation and improving mobility.

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